What is Footy?


Football, WHEN, Where and with whom you want

The concept is simple, yet effective. Choose a night and location you prefer, and play a match. Weekly. That’s all there is to it. We handle the rest. Didn’t win during the league? This is your time for revenge. At the end of the league, we organize a tournament with all of the teams. Make it count during this finale, where you get a second chance to earn that cup. Get in! 

So all that is left to do, is to tell all your friends and family (maybe not your grandparents) that you’re assembling a soccer team. Spread the word at the office (imagine the carpool possibilities) or post a message on Facebook. Start playing Footy and start winning.

Footy Park

footy park - the place to play

We don’t just organise leagues. We also own 2 football parks, where apart from playing in one of our leagues, you can rent a field, organise your own event, or sign up your kid for Footy Academy. Currently there is a Footy Park in Amsterdam and in Utrecht. Each have multiple fields, changing facilities and a modern sports bar. It’s the place to play football and enjoy yourself.

ONCE upon a time

A brief history of Footy. During 2010 we started with organizing 7×7 soccer leagues. Since then, our soccer family has expanded all throughout the Netherlands, and the US with over 600 teams playing Footy every week. And to top it off, we also have 2 Footy Parks where organizing leagues is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Now it’s time to move onward and upward – and why not let as many people enjoy the Footy concept? It’s an honor for us to get to expand Footy. Let’s spice up the local football landscape with our concept. Sounds like the perfect blend

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Footy is a unique concept that brings people together, gives an energetic boost and let’s you discover a revolutionary way to play football. Find out what league fits your preference best, find a league, and then either sign up as a team, or join as an individual and play with a team.

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