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Would you like to save for your planned world trip? Have you not yet decided which career path to choose or are you busy with your studies and would you like to do something with sports? At the Football Competitions of Footy in Amsterdam you will find fun work as a Coordinator or behind the bar at Footy Park. You indicate when you are available (both during the week and at the weekend) and thus influence your schedule. This way you can easily combine working with your studies!

Who are we?

Footy hosts 7-on-7 football leagues on weekday evenings. We are looking for enthusiastic football coordinators for our competitions throughout Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Fun is paramount at Footy. It is a football competition that is based on conviviality and a tight organization. Are you the one we’re looking for, respond quickly!

Job description

Keep an Eye out

As Footy’s coordinator, you and your colleagues and the referees are the face of Footy’s football evening. You are a point of contact for all teams and individual players who come to play football on the evening in question. Is there a problem? Then you would like to solve it as soon as possible.

– ideally you are available on at least 2 weekday evenings

– you like working with people

– Sports is one of your passions

– you are looking for a side job (or internship) next to your studies

What are you going to do?

As Footy’s coordinator, you are involved in various football competitions at external locations. This way you ensure that the goals are ready and that all materials are ready for the football players and referees. If necessary, you occasionally step in if a referee is late. And every now and then you take some photos for our Social Media. This while you can watch football in the meantime!

Are you interested in the position? Send an email to or call Harm: +31 6 83133380

5 versus 5 rules

5v5 fields are surrounded by boards. On top of the boards are nets. The ball stays in the game unless the ball goes out through the air over the net. 

Most important rules

  • Only the keeper can touch the ball inside the area. If a player comes inside his own team’s box and either touches the ball or seeks to gain an advantage then a penalty will be awarded. If a player enters the opposition’s box then a foul will be blown and the ball will be given to the keeper
  • The keeper may not leave the area. If the keeper leaves his area and either touches the ball or seeks to gain an advantage then a penalty will be awarded.
  • Once the keeper plays the ball out it may not be played straight back until another player has touched the ball. If it is then a direct free kick will be awarded from where the ball was played back.
  • If the ball leaves the field of play then when it is returned the game is restarted with an indirect free kick against the team that last touched the ball.
  • If the keeper plays the ball out of the field in the making of a save or block then he receives the ball back. If he plays it out or too high when making a pass then the opposing keeper receives the ball.
  • Slide tackles are not permitted and are punished with a direct free kick
  • Bad fouls are punished with a red card.
  • Denying a goal scoring opportunity, everywhere in the field, will be punished with a penalty.
  • All free kicks are direct with exception of the ball leaving the field of play.
  • Players must be 2 metres away from a free kick. If the free kick is within 2 metres of the goal area then it shall be moved back to 2 metres from the area.
  • The keeper must be on the line for a penalty. The penalty taker may only take 1 step before striking the ball.


  • The referees must be treated with respect and their decisions respected.
  • A player that receives a yellow card will be sent from the field for 2 minutes and the team must play with a player less.
    A second yellow card results in a red and the team must play the rest of the game with a player less.
  • Red cards are a minimum of 1 game suspension and can be more depending on the offence.
  • If a team receives 2 red cards then the match is stopped and they forfeit.
  • A red card means that a team will have to play the rest of the game with one player less.
  • Violence is never accepted and punishments range from long suspensions to permanent exclusion depending on the offence.
League types

With whom do you want to play

With Footy you choose with whom and against whom you are playing. 

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