Game Rules

General rules

For all leagues the following rules apply


Companies&Friends competition: Everyone 18+

Student competition: Everyone 18+ enrolled in full time study.

Women’s League: The Footy Women’s League is an inclusive safe space for all female and gender-diverse players, where everyone 18+ can feel at home and welcome.

Cancelling matches

Cancellation is only possible in consultation with the opponent. If the opponent agrees, the match can be moved (provided there is enough space in the schedule). If the opponent does want to play, both Footy and the team look for substitutes. When there are enough substitutes then the game goes ahead. Only if there are not enough substitutes and the opponent does not agree to postpone a loss (0-5) is recorded for the team that wants to cancel.


  • Fun is the priority in all Footy competitions
  • Shinpads are strongly recommended
  • Matches are 2×25 minutes with a 5 minute break unless indicated differently 
  • Play nice, everyone has to go to work tomorrow.
  • As far as possible rules follow KNVB football rules.
  • No sliding if there is a player nearby.
  • Subs are unlimited.

Man of the Match

  • The referee chooses a Man of the Match. They receive a coin at the end of the game that can be exchanged for a free drink in the bar.
  • The player with the most man of the match awards at the end of the season is named player of the season and receives a trophy.e

6v6 and 7v7 rules

  • Matches are played on a half size football field for 7v7 and a third field for 6v6
  • If keeper’s area is not marked by lines 8 meter needs to be assumed. The referee decides when an offence happens inside or outside the ‘area’
  • No slide tackles! A slide tackle is punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick if it occurs within the keeper’s area. You may slide to keep the ball in or block the ball or score a goal PROVIDED it is not dangerous/there is no other player nearby.
  • Keepers may slide tackle as long as it isn’t dangerous and it is inside the keeper’s area.
  • If the ball goes out for a ‘throw-in’ it is kicked back in. You cannot score direct from a kick in (but you can from a corner).
  • Instead of goal kicks the keeper must throw the ball in.
  • Backpasses may not be handled by the keeper.
  • Keepers are allowed out of their box.
  • Penalty spot is 9m from the goal
  • Players must be 6m away at 6v6 game and 7m away at 7v7 game from a free kick.
  • All free kicks are direct and may be taken immediately unless the referee says otherwise. With the exception of the backpass to the goalkeeper – this is an indirect free kick.
  • You may not score directly from kick off. 
  • A team should be present 15 minutes before kick off. A team that is 15 minutes late loses the game 5-0. 
  • Footy is a recreational league. Play experience, participation, enjoyment are most important. Avoiding injuries is a must.
  • If a player plays rough, he or she will receive a warning. If this happens again the referee may decide to give him/her a yellow card.
  • A player that receives a yellow card will be removed from the game for 3 minutes, no substitions.
  • If a player receives a second yellow card he/she will be removed for the remainder of the game, no substitions.
  • A player who receives a red card is prohibited in participating in their next game.
  • After a red card the player has to leave the game and the team continues with 4 field players and a keeper for the rest of the game.
  • If a team receives 2 red cards then the match is stopped and they forfeit.
  • Violence is never accepted and punishments range from long suspensions to permanent exclusion depending on the offence.
  • The referees and their decisiones will be respected.

5 versus 5 rules

5v5 fields are surrounded by boards. On top of the boards are nets. The ball stays in the game unless the ball goes out through the air over the net. 

Most important rules

  • Only the keeper can touch the ball inside the area. If a player comes inside his own team’s box and either touches the ball or seeks to gain an advantage then a penalty will be awarded. If a player enters the opposition’s box then a foul will be blown and the ball will be given to the keeper
  • The keeper may not leave the area. If the keeper leaves his area and either touches the ball or seeks to gain an advantage then a penalty will be awarded.
  • Once the keeper plays the ball out it may not be played straight back until another player has touched the ball. If it is then a direct free kick will be awarded from where the ball was played back.
  • If the ball leaves the field of play then when it is returned the game is restarted with an indirect free kick against the team that last touched the ball.
  • If the keeper plays the ball out of the field in the making of a save or block then he receives the ball back. If he plays it out when making a pass then the opposing keeper receives the ball.
  • Slide tackles are not permitted and are punished with a free kick or penalty if it denied a goal scoring chance.
  • Bad fouls are punished with a red card.
  • Denying a goal scoring opportunity, everywhere in the field, will be punished with a penalty.
  • All free kicks are direct.
  • Players must be 2 metres away from a free kick. If the free kick is within 2 metres of the goal area then it shall be moved back to 2 metres from the area.
  • The keeper must be on the line for a penalty. The penalty taker may only take 1 step before striking the ball.
  • You may not score directly from kick off. 


  • The referees must be treated with respect and their decisions respected.
  • A player that receives a yellow card will be sent from the field for 2 minutes and the team must play with a player less.
    A second yellow card results in a red and the team must play the rest of the game with a player less.
  • Red cards are a minimum of 1 game suspension and can be more depending on the offence.
  • If a team receives 2 red cards then the match is stopped and they forfeit.
  • A red card means that a team will have to play the rest of the game with one player less.
  • Violence is never accepted and punishments range from long suspensions to permanent exclusion depending on the offence
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