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Utrecht Student City

With leagues all over Utrecht students are welcome to join Footy where ever they want. The student football league is a great way to get active and meet other students from Utrecht. The leagues are 15 weeks, which means you can combine this with the Study year, being devided in 3 trimesters. Perfect fit right there!

The best location for 7v7 football mostly depends on where your team lives and where we still have space of course. If you prefer 6v6 you have to play at Footy Park. Where ever you play, you can focus on the ball, we take care of the rest!

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About Footy

What is Footy?

Footy is a unique concept that brings people together, gives an energetic boost and let’s you discover a revolutionary way to play football. Be done with training twice a week and matches at far away locations that take up your whole weekend.

Sounds interesting? Get your boots on, sign up and be part of Footy’s fun!

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