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Footy in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam East Middenmeer facilitates the 7v7 league on the artificial grass fields . 

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Companies & Friends Football

Companies & Friends Football

Join the weekly league with your friends and co-workers. Working together towards a goal, growing team spirit and meet new like minded people, is what Footy is all about!

7v7Monday 2 September, 2024
Student Football

Student Football

Footy is a fast growing small sided soccer league that brings the game to the people by providing a high level organization

7v7Monday 2 September, 2024
The best place to play in East

Amsterdam Middenmeer

– Artificial grass
– Clubhouse
– Changing rooms

The football field in Amsterdam East caters for 1 league on the Monday evening. The Footy league is played right next to Science Park. 

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06 - 831 333 80

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